Doctoral Studies Programme

The Department of Economic Sciences organizes and operates a Third Cycle of Studies, which includes the preparation of a Doctoral Thesis and concludes with the awarding of a Doctoral Degree.

The purpose of the Department of Economic Sciences is to contribute to the promotion of Economic Sciences and the training of high-level economists. The main objective of the Department is to develop the critical thinking of its students, to prepare them for the correct analysis of complex socio-economic data, as well as the possibility of developing and implementing appropriate economic policy measures. The pursuit and approach of these goals is achieved through the development of research at Master’s (2nd cycle of studies) and Doctoral level (3rd cycle of studies), as well as through the organization of the provided knowledge, as required by both modern science and the present and future needs of the economy and society.

The broadest scope of new knowledge, through research, consists of Economic Theory and Policy, Business Economics, Finance, Accounting and Econometrics, Statistical Analysis and Informatics. The Research Strategy of the Department of Economic Sciences is developed, among others, based on the support and development of Basic and Applied Research and the formation of the necessary conditions for the promotion of new researchers in general and specifically through Master’s and Doctoral Studies Programs, with the development of research in the relevant scientific areas of the programs.

The Scientific Areas of Basic and Applied Research focus on cutting-edge research areas in the economic sciences, in the humanities and social sciences, in applied informatics and related technologies.