Infrastructure and Services


Our department operates at the Serres Campus of the International University of Greece. The campus of Serres lies on the southwest of the city of Serres on 250 acres, with modern building facilities and a beautiful surrounding area. The buildings in detail are as follows:

  • Two buildings with a total number of 40 classrooms and 6 auditoriums.
  • Five buildings, whith classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums and staff offices.
  • One Administration building, where the secretariats of the Departments and other services are housed.
  • The library building.
  • Multipurpose building, housing the computer center, the lifelong learning institute and the Education and Research Committee.
  • Gym equipped with equipment for student sports.
  • Conference center with 2 auditoriums and a meeting room for conferences, artistic and cultural events.
  • Student restaurant – student club.
  • Canteen.
  • Open Theater

Infrastructures of the Department of Economic Sciences

The Department of Economic Sciences has 19 rooms, auditoriums and laboratories with a capacity of 1,000 seats, all located in Buildings A and Δ, as follows:

  • 9 rooms, 506 seats, with PC, video projector and internet connection.
  • 3 auditoriums, 332 seats, with PC, video projector and internet connection.
  • 7 Laboratories, with 163 workstations, video projector and internet connection.

The functions of the Department are supported by ICT technologies, such as an electronic secretariat, synchronous and asynchronous electronic education platforms, the Quality Assurance Information System of MODIP of Serres University and other.