How can I get an institutional account?

The activation of the accounts of the University’s users for access to all institutional services (Electronic Secretariat, E-mail, e-Learning, MODIP, WiFi, etc.) and federal services (Academic Identity, Eudoxus, Electronic Transfer System, IKY Scholarships, Internship – ATLAS, Okeanos, Eduroam, etc.) is done through the URegister service.

New students, after their registration by the Secretariat of the Department, should immediately activate their online account by visiting the URegister website: https://uregister.ihu.gr/.

Activation is done using the mobile phone or email they have declared to the Secretariat.

How can I get an e-mail account?

All new members of the University can activate their own email by visiting the website: http://emailactivation.cm.ihu.gr (as long as they have activated their Institutional Account through URegister). Access to the above address is also provided through the WebMail homepage: https://webmail.cm.ihu.gr.