Subject of Study

The Department of Economic Sciences of the School of Economics and Business Administration of the International Hellenic University of Greece (I.H.U) was established by Law 4610 (A.70/07-05-2019) and resulted from the evolution of the Accounting and Finance Department of the TEI of Central Macedonia.

The purpose of the Department of Economic Sciences is to contribute to the promotion of Economic Sciences and the training of high-level economists. The main objective of the Department is to develop the critical thinking of its students, to prepare them for the correct analysis of complex socio-economic data, as well as the possibility of developing and implementing appropriate economic policy measures. This fact requires the existence of a curriculum, teaching staff and infrastructure suitable for quality education and research in constant harmony with international practice.

The main Study Program areas include, among others: Subjects of Economic Theory and Policy, Business Economics, Finance, Accounting, Econometrics, Statistical Analysis and Information Technology.