Master’s Program

The Master’s Program of the Department of the Department of Economic Sciences of IHU, is entitled “Financial Management” and awards a Master’s Degree in “Financial Management”. The program started its operation during the spring semester of the Academic Year 2009-2010 and was re-established based on the new institutional framework with Official Gazette B 1765/17-05-2018.

The purpose of the Master’s Program in Financial Management is the deepening and promotion of knowledge in the subjects of Financial Management with the use of new technologies, the specialization of students in them and the formation of executives capable of responding to the professional field of businesses, organizations and the public sector and to promote the development of research and its applications in the aforementioned subjects.

The duration of the studies for the award of the Master’s Degree is defined in three (3) teaching semesters, of which the third is devoted to the preparation of the diploma thesis.

The courses of the Program are provided in the form of full and compulsory attendance.

More details about the Master’s Program, such as the admission process and evaluation criteria for students, the detailed Course Plan, the operation of the Study Program, the Administration, the Teaching Staff and the Program Secretariat, can be found in the program’s Regulation.