Lallas Dimitrios

Dimitris Lallas, PhD in Sociology (Department of Sociology, Panteion University, 2010). Postdoctoral Researcher (National Centre for Social Research) & Scientific coordinator of research project “Consumerism in a period of economic crisis: Consumption practices and forms of governance”, funding by Hellenic Foundation for Research & Innovation (H.F.R.I)/General Secretariat for Research & Innovation (GSRI). He has taught sociology as Tutor-Counselor on the Module Special Topics in European Civilization (EPO42) of the Undergraduate Program: Studies in European Civilization, at Hellenic Open University and as adjunct lecturer at the Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia (Thessaloniki), the Department of Economics of Athens University of Economics and Business, as well as at the Department of Economic Sciences of International Hellenic University. As postdoctoral researcher, he collaborated with National Centre for Social Research in SECSTACON project (‘Socio-economic class and Status and Consumption: Social Stratification, Mobility and Urban Consumption in Athens’) [2013].
He has published scientific articles in Greek and English-language peer-reviewed academic journals and has also published two monographs (in Greek):

  • Lallas, D. (2012). In the microcosm of the Mall. Thessaloniki: Nissides.
  • Lallas, D. (2022). Consumption and Consumerism in times of crisis: Consumer Action and Discourse Repertoires. Athens: EKKE-Papazisis.

He is also the scientific editor of the edited volume: Lallas, D. (ed.) (2022). Consumption, consumers, and Consumerism: Politics of Representations and Practices of Governance in Times of Crisis. Athens: EKKE-Papazisis. (Contributors: Vamvakas Vassilis, Nikos Demertzis, Yorgos Drosos, Iason Zarikos, Konstantinos Theodoridis, Dimitris Lallas, Yiannis Mylonas, Alexandros Sakellariou, Roberta Sassatelli, Mania (Maria) Sotiropoulou).

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